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Let’s Start Your Pinterest Journey.

Hey, l’m Lucy

I am here to help hobby(crochet, cooking, papercrafts, etc.) bloggers, creative and travel brands, and handmade stores grow their traffic, increment their quality leads and soulmate clients, so more eyes are enjoying their lovely sites, and creations and wanting to take them home or to go have fun!


Here’s the deal…

What if you could bring thousands, and then millions of new visitors on autopilot every month?

What would it feel to have a great visual point of contact with your ideal client? Having them come directly to you to book a room, a ticket, a reservation?

What if instead of creating so many posts a week your vision is already blurring, you strategize the content you already have, and still bring in new clients?

What would it feel if now you can create with less rush and more passion?

What would be possible with the time you can now have for yourself?

Having a place where you can showcase your sales and specials and catch their eyes with your gorgeous photographs and videos?

l’ve been where you are now…

  • I remember what it’s like not doing something you are passionate about, only to pay the bills.
  • I know how not having time to do self-care, personal growth and working on yourself physically or spiritually can leave you feeling depleted of energy, and feeling with no purpose in your life or work.
  • How Co-Vid has affected your business, but you are right on time to start a presence and build an audience who will be ready to buy when they see your beautiful hotel, your luxury villa for rent, your bistro or gourmet restaurant, they will want to book a ticket with your airline, or book that exotic tour they always wanted to try and now they are literally swooning to do it!
  • That is why I took all the courses, studied and keep up to date on Pinterest best practices so you don’t have to learn yet another thing,
  • I have learned the hard way, it is so important not to have all your eggs in the same basket(all efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.).
  • And after working with many clients from many different niches (from a shaman to a Tantra Coach) I decided to specialize in the ones feel more aligned with my own values and passions.

So let me tell you what I know…

Why Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is a search engine, the third largest in the world, after Google and YouTube.
  • Pinterest drives you traffic and clients 24 hrs for free.
  • Pinterest has 400 million monthly users (and growing) worldwide. Around 50% are from the USA.
  • It drives ⅓ of all Internet traffic.
  • 87% of pinners have made a purchase due to something they discovered there.
  • 50% of Pinterest users earn 50k or greater per year, 10% earn more than 125k.
  • 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases.
  • Pins can drive viral traffic and can be revived months/years later.
  • Bigger search engines like Google love Pinterest.
  • A post on Facebook or Instagram has an average lifespan of 48 hours, a pin averages 3,000 days.


This is the part where I come in 

Are you ready to skyrocket your business growth?

Need to hear my “story” first?

l wasn’t always like this…

I was born on a warm July’s afternoon…

Just kidding. I won’t start that far back.

Hi! My name is Lucy, I am a mom to three wonderful young adults, a hardcore crafter, and a cooking shows and blogs fan.

I love all things creativity inspired, and I also love learning about different cultures, languages, and traditions.

I used to have a cooking and crafts blog, and an Etsy shop as a hobby, and as a way to get designer jobs and get free craft supplies.

The Etsy shop was to sell all the extra scarves and crafts I made 😉 

Then Pinterest sent me an invitation, I accepted and created my first page which now has almost 64,000 followers.

My blog lasted four years, but my Pinterest addiction had started: it was amazing:  instead of saving the best recipes, patterns, home decor, and other crafts inspiration from magazines into binders.  Now I could have it all in the same place.

I pinned every day for years, so much, that my kids started to call me: the Pinterest Queen. I could not use the word Pinterest since it is a trademark so my daughter told me the great idea of using The Pinup Queen, since I already loved that style, especially the red lips 🙂 

A few years ago, my husband’s business went into bankruptcy. I had been a stay at home mom for more than 12 years. But it was time to change gears.

I was 36 at the time and nobody wanted to hire me because my last job had been when I was 21, and I was deemed too old and inexperienced for the workforce.

I applied to lots of jobs: from secretary to supermarket clerk, and I could not find any. Then I moved on to selling, everything from essential oils, makeup, coffee, desserts, lasagna, clothes, crafts, etc. but selling was not my thing.

On Pinterest I had a Work from Home Board, so I started looking for jobs online, I started working as an English teacher, an independent contractor, an user experience tester, etc. But I was not happy, because I needed to have creativity involved in my work to feel joyful.

Then is when I started with the idea of studying and learning more and more about Pinterest since I saw the sleeping giant that this beautiful platform is. And here I am ready to help other creatives to grow their businesses the way I feel is best for them, through Pinterest! 

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