How l can help?

THE REView 1:1 Audit

If you already have an account up, let’s take a look at it. I record a video and find the little tweaks and tips needed so you can change what is needed to rock your Pinterest Account!

THE GLAM monthly maintenance

Pinterest is a slow cooker, which means it needs consistency and persistency to keep growing, let me help you find the best strategies for your brand and feed it so it becomes a strong asset that keeps snowballing!

the extravaganza New account set up

Starting from scratch? No problem I got you! Let’s build a strong foundation following Pinterest best practices and using SEO up-game and best practices to build you an optimized and beautiful account, that is the snowball at the top of the mountain!

Is it necessary to have a website?

Preferably, because we need to claim your site, it can be a simple blog or a website/digital store. A landing page alone is not claimable since it is not considered your property.

How much support do I get ?

You can e-mail me from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 5 CT and I will answer in a 48 business hours window.

How long does Pinterest need to start showing results?

It takes from a few weeks to a few months after the account is completed to start seeing an increase in both Pinterest and Google analytics. Depending on your niche and seasonality of your content.

Will the traffic always grow?

Most of the time, but changes in seasons can affect users’ behavior and cause some dips and some peaks. Don’t stress, the traffic is like a snowball even if it freezes a few minutes, it will continue to roll and grow over time 🙂

Does Pinterest offers paid ads?

Yes, it does, and they are more affordable than other platforms and produce more ROI. I will be offering the ads service in the near future.

Do I need to produce my own content?

There are two options:

  • You can produce content in any form: blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, or your own products and creations.
  • Or we can start by repurposing good quality still relevant past content, while you take the time to produce more, or take a vacation or a breather, it is up to you.
Do I need a landing page/ freebie?

It is one of the best strategies to have your own freebie, one that has been already been proved to have good conversions rates, because we can direct quality leads there and grow your email list which is one of the best assets for your business, and it belongs to you.

If you are a blogger, we can direct all traffic to your posts.

Or if you have a store we direct the clients to your products.

In any case, I would still advise on having a simple freebie, like a discount code, for example.

Remember that an email list belongs to you and if you nurture it well, the conversion rates are so much higher than an ad to a cold audience, since your readers know you and trust you!

Do You Require A Contract?

We require a 3-month contract with a 30-day termination notice. It will arrive by email as part of the onboarding process.

Do you offer A La Carte Services?

Yes, for the moment I offer pin design.

We can customize that to your needs.

Is there a minimum time you recommend to use your service for?

Yes, at least 6 months. Pinterest is a slow-moving platform and it can take a few months to really set things into motion. A six-month window allows me to find out what works and doesn’t work for your business.

Can you train my VA, team for Pinterest Maintenance?

No, I don’t offer this service since I offer the maintenance myself. I am planning to offer in the future a course for those who would like to continue on their own.

I enjoyed Lucy’s dedication to helping me grow my audience, and her kind and loving nature!

I liked her organization, and her get it done attitude! I liked how you made it so easy for me!

As a busy entrepreneur, there are so many avenues to share your message.

I didn’t know much about Pinterest, so I was excited to see the way you took my brand elements and created the entire thing from scratch, and the fact I’m getting exposure to new prospects.

Amanda Testa

Relationships and Tantra Coach

Lucy was absolutely the best person to hire to build my Pinterest business profile.

She literally values my business as much as her own.

She is on top of all the latest Pinterest research and always gave me the latest advice on how to use it best for my biz.  

She is amazingly kind, patient, and supportive and will give you honest feedback on how to build your biz using Pinterest.

Dr. Tristan Sophia

Entrepreneurs Coach

                                                                                  Lucy knew what she was doing and had a lot of good ideas.

I think she is so smart about what she does on Pinterest and how you make the pins and manage the boards.

My Pinterest has so much more traffic and looks so much better already!

She is very clear about what you need to get started and she is very organized.

My Pinterest page looks great, has tons of great content, and my pins look amazing!

I am getting more traffic every day.

Lucy is so great to work with, she is so sweet and so patient with all of my questions. I appreciate her!

Arriane Alexander

Video Strategist and Business Coach


I love that I feel much more confident that my Pinterest account is polished and professional and my ideal clients won’t accidentally click on a crazy broken link that will affect my credibility.

Also, Lucy’s recommendations for my board title and descriptions were so good and they help me get even more traffic from my ideal clients to my boards without doing any extra work! #win

I always knew exactly what to expect and Lucy over-delivered on everything!

Lucy can help you increase your visibility and income by driving more traffic to your site and offers with Pinterest!
Brooke Lawson

Branding Strategist

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